One of the Companies MonaVie entered into the booming health and wellness area in the year 2005.  MonaVie is committed to provide better health through its premium quality nutritional products and a way to get financially free. MonaVie has now become a leader in the industry of health. Even today, MonaVie has refined their products to the extent where it will help to control the weight effectively.

2009 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, MonaVie is featured as one of the fastest growing companies in the world in the 2009 edition of Inc. 500. !  It is now the perfect time to join MonaVie and get the benefits of the nutritional products as well as compensation plan worldwide.

You can enjoy the benefits of Compensation Plan by becoming an Independent Distributor of amazing extraordinary antioxidant nutritional products in MonaVie and can become successful by sharing this unique and rewarding opportunity.  The state-of-the-art Compensation Plan offers 8 Ways to Earn Income in MonaVie. 

Become a MonaVie Independent Distributor today in India is a Golden Opportunity to become one of the successful among the hundreds of thousands distributors worldwide who have already achieved success and begin creating the improved health and financial security.

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·         Ranked No. 1 in Fast 50 edition of Utah Business magazine
·         Named Fastest Growing Company in Utah by MountainWest Capital Network
·         No. 18 on Inc. 500 2009 list; No. 1 in Food & Beverage category
·         Direct Selling News $100 Million Club 2009
·         Direct Selling News $100 Million Club 2010
·         Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur of the Year® Dallin A. Larsen
·         CEO of the Year by Utah Business magazine

·         Inc. 500
·         Today Show
·         Fortune
·         Vogue
·         MTV Cribs
·         CBS’ The Doctors
·         Rachael Ray
·         Businessweek

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